Star Wars: The Unsung Heroes

Just Your Average Day At the Average Cantina

Marcus (insert last name) minding his own business till he was approached by an unusual cloaked figure. For 300 credits Marcus was to deliver a message to someone at the local cantina. Being as clever as he is, Marcus tried to get out of the situation just to be left alone but he knew he was better off following the instructions bestowed to him.

Meanwhile, Danni was sitting patiently at the local cantina on (insert planet name). Just as she was about to order a drink a male figure approaches her and offers to buy her a drink. Reluctantly she allowed this person to sit down and get her a drink of blue milk. After the drinks were brought the person who ordered the drinks identified himself as Marcus and came with a message for her. Just as he was about to hand over the message Marcus tried to convince Danni that she was to pay him 300 credits for delivering the message. She believes his words but remained cautious due to her present employer.

As Marcus handed over the message two men in uniform approached them at the booth they were sitting at. They demanded the note to be handed over and to be arrested. Marcus being quick at the ready shot his blaster pistol at the offers but to only stun. A brawl broke out between Marcus, Danni and the two officers. Danni realizing she can’t afford to be taken know what would happen if she were to be exposed she assisted Marcus in subduing the men. After the two men were killed in the fight it was discover they were Imperial officers. Quickly Marcus removed the bodies to make it look like nothing has happened and tipped the owner to not make mention of this.

Finally getting a moment to actually to go over the note, Danni knows what she is meant to do. Find Marshall Blackwood and bring him to bay 16 to get off planet. Marcus now worried about his own welfare wanted to get off planet too convinced Danni that since she owed her to take him with her and they agreed.

Marshall Blackwood enters the cantina looking for his Alliance contact Danni and noticing the place in a state of alert. He spots her but goes to the bar to make sure she is either alone or with someone she trusts. After careful observation he approached Danni and her new friend. Identifying himself to her they left the cantina out the back to avoid detection.

Leaving the back door and down the alley to the main street figuring it would be best to travel with the masses. Little did they know it was swarming with Stormtroopers. Caught red handed Danni, Marshal and Marcus fled back to the ally trying to run. Danni got stunned and knocked unconscious. Marcus retrieved her limp body and carried her to safety aided by the mysterious cloaked figure who gave the message to Marcus. The cloaked person gunned down the perusing Stormtroopers. Hastily all of them ran to docking bay 16 without any further trouble to meet a peculiar mechanic working on his ship. The cloaked character commandeered his ship for immediate departure to an unknown destination.

After going into hyperspace the mysterious cloaked figure reveled himself. His name is Max a lepi. He set a course for Kashyyyk where the Alliance has a small base and a few people for Marshall and the rest of the crew to meet. Marcus spoke to Max about getting his share but Max kept control of the situation and kept him under his control. Marshall went to go check up on Danni and woke her up from her unconscious state. He updated her on the current situation of where they were and where they were going.

After a few short days in hyperspace the ship arrived at Kashyyyk. The crew disembarked to see several men in worn and scrappy looking uniforms wielding blasters aimed at the crew. A moment later they were ordered to stand down. The crew was brought over to a table to sit down to meet with Mon Mothma and General Garm Bel-lblis. Marshall stood up to properly greet Mon Mothma and sat back down. She explained why each of them was here. Marshall because he is defecting from the Imperial army and his skills as an officer. Marcus for his espionage skills are in high demand. Rohn the ships mechanic who is one of the ship’s owner, mother is greatly assisting the Alliance and needs our help. And Danni, whose oratory skills are most impressive. This team has been handpicked for a critical mission to find Rohns mother who may be in grave peril. What secrets she may have discovered about the Empire is unknown but it’s important enough that she has gone radio silent for several weeks. Our task is to find her and retrieve her.


Very nice, Ben. Is it right to assume you will be the designated logger?


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