The shy guy u lest expect


Class: Scout 2 / scundrel 3

STATS: Str-8 Dex-10 Con-12 Int-16 Wis-10 Cha-16


Defenses: Fort-18 Ref-17 Will-16

Talents: Jory Riger Hot Wire personal mod’s

weapons: 1. blaster pistol


I was born on the largest moon of Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa. Growing up in the city the of New Vertica was not alway easy. i never really knew my mother was killed when i was just a young boy. my father would tell me stories about her and how special she was. My father,was a proude man, he fought to keep me alive, to provide the basic needs one needs to live.To make some credits he started to race swoop bikes, right away he was the man to beat. When i was old enough he would bring me down to the track to watch the races. From the first race i was in love witht the bikes.When no one was lookng i would try and get as close to them as i could. I would even try to get on them and try to be like my father. The other rides did not find my antices to be fuuny. so to keep me out of trouble i was given a broken swoop engine, that same day i had that thing perring. No one know how i got it to work, i told my father that is was like i was one with the engine, i really cant explane, im good with my hands, from that day on i was part of the team my father told my to get to work. Soon we left Nar Shaddaa, for bigger races with bigger prizes. Grow up in a star ship was i got to play around with dad’s swoop and the crew sometimes would let me watch them work on the ship. i learn alot from them.

When i turn 15 we were living on Tatooine, and things were good father was knowen as the man to beat, and even know i was youg, everyone was asking me to look at there swoop bikes but i said ” my fathers the best and i wont help anyone but him.


Star Wars: The Unsung Heroes scarpulla