Marshall Blackwood


Class: Noble 4/Soldier 1

Stats: St 8 Dex 15 Con 10 Int 16 Wis 14 Cha 14

Defenses: Fort 18 Reflex 19 Will 20

Talents: Born Leader Battle Analysis Know Your Enemy

Feats: Weapon Prof (simple, pistols & rifles) Precise Shot Point Blank Shot Linguist Skill Focus (Persuasion & Pilot) Improved Defenses

Languages: Basic Binary Bocce Huttese Ryl High Galactic Rodese Durese


Marshall Blackwell was born and raised on Corulag. He came from a very poor family, his father, James Blackwell, worked in a factory building ship parts. His mother Linea Blackwell is a homemaker. He has a younger sister, Zora who is a pilot. As a boy, Marshall focused on what he was good at, his studies. His parents wanted Marshall to be better than they have so they forced him to really put his head in the books so he could find a job that would enable him to live much more comfortably than he does now. So he studied and did extremely well, especially in history and political science. During the Clone Wars, Marshall became really interested in politics because of what was happening in the Republic Senate. He was very clear that the Republic had to make difficult choices to defeat the Separatists. Even though Marshall sought public office he simply could not afford to do so, even with his great charisma.

As the Clone Wars raged and still with not much money Marshall had to seek other alternatives to find income and experience to become a politician. Because of the war and a strong need for soldiers, it was a good time to join the military. There were many benefits to joining; good salary, tuition money and retirement benefits. He thought that joining the military is a good way to catapult his career in politics while studying. It worked out well for Marshall, studying and getting officer training at the same time. After the completion of his training Marshall was given the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

For sometime Marshall was second in command of a squad and assistant to 1st Lieutenant Collins. Under his guidance Marshall learned how to apply what he learned to be an officer in actual practice. He learned how to truly gain the respect amongst his troops and how to keep them focused and retain discipline. And as time progressed Marshall was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and given command a squad of his own.

Marshall and his squad were given numerous missions to complete. Ranging from eliminating the remains of the Separatist that hid in small places in the Outer Rim to enforcing marshal law where some leaders of certain sectors have been killed. Marshall earned the respect of his squad through the teachings of 1st Lieutenant Collins. He made every soldier that served under him feel invincible and able to carry out any mission with success. They trusted him with their lives and visa versa.

Marshall enjoyed the work as a soldier for the Republic and into the transition of the Empire. After shortly after the Empire was formed in replace of the Republic, the bureaucracy changed completely. Emperor Palapatine repealed the anti-slavery laws and forced the military to start enslaving many of the alien species like Wookies, Twilacks and the such. Marshall was at the time on Ryloth when this occurred and then received orders to capture Twilacks for enslavement. To Marshall, this was a very disturbing order and believed this is beyond what he signed up for, way beyond. Not to his liking he did the job as ordered but regretted doing so very quickly. Before returning to head quarters Marshall wanted to talk with his crew. “What I want to ask you is considered treason.” He asked them if they felt the same way as he did about enslaving the innocent female Twilacks. Corporal Hunington spoke out “This is treason for just talking about this, however, this isn’t what most of us signed up for.” Marshall then said to those who were not comfortable about this topic or disagreed to leave, return to HQ so they would not be in any kind of trouble themselves and no there are no hard feelings for believing in the true nature of the Empire. Two of his men left and the rest stayed behind to free the Twilacks from enslavement. Marshall did have to ask Hunington a question “are you with me?” Hunington simply replied “to the death, sir.” So with that, Marshall set the Twilacks free. They thanked Marshall for their efforts knowing that Marshall would probably be killed for letting them go. One girl in particular said that she would never forget him for saving her she gave Marshall her name, Nylaa T’Aria. It was then time for the squad to make their escape but had to do so individually. So they scattered and jumped planet-side. Nylaa, wanting to help repay Marshall helped him escape the planet by helping him get on a cargo ship. Marshall successfully escaped with the help of Nylaa.

Marshall was on the run and a wanted man by the Empire, few options were made available to him. Hiding from planet to planet making sure he wasn’t in one spot was the best tactic to hide his were abouts. Shortly after the Rebellion gained steam, Marshall decided to join the cause. With his experience as a 1st Lieutenant it was invaluable to help lead inexperienced troops in coming battles. Plus with his skill as a trained pilot was also a major plus. Currently 1st Lieutenant Blackwood has received new orders to aid a bunch of hired guns by the Alliance for a special operation.

Marshall Blackwood

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